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In this room you can around 1997 you used to be able to read and enjoy 30 to 40 year old comic books that are no longer in circulation. Now all you can see are just the covers of Superman, Batman, Lois Lane, Action, Detective and many more old and rare comics. These comics are safe for children and are a good substitute for the porno pages on the web today. Many of the comic books are now considered collectors items which may be highly valued depending on their condition and scarcity. So take the time to view these comic book covers for free and at your own pace.


The viewing room has been set up very simply. Just select a comic from the comics index and start viewing the pages at your leisure as if you had the comic book in your possession. Consider this room to being the same as going to the Public Library and checking out a comic book or any book for your reading pleasure but instead you are in front of your computer..


The thumbnail pictures of the various Golden Age comic covers seen here are only a sample of what is behind the door below. Full sized pages with the colorful comics and readable text awaits the reader. If this web facility increases its readership, we will be adding more Golden Age comics for your enjoyment. In order to enter the room, Tip simply press (click) on the doorway below.

  Check out Detective issue number 233 published in July 1956 where you can see the introduction of Batwoman to the comics world. Superman #109 from November 1956 was just added on 4/25. Other unique issues will be coming up soon like Batman, Flash, etc. Included in the miscellaneous section are the original ads and funnies published in the '50s as well. Turn to the next page to vote for the next issue to appear.  

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